Big data services

Big data services, technologies and software can help organisations make data-driven choices that can enhance the results of their business operations.The often challenging process of analysing large amounts of data to find information that might assist businesses in making wise decisions about their operations, such as previously unknown patterns, correlations, market trends, and customer preferences, is known as big data analytics.

Squarera’s skilled Big Data Consulting service team

At Squarera we have acquired talented data team and consultation from around the world. We have an array of unique perspectives and insights to offer. Our experience with Big data, Data analytics, its practices, and customs has assisted various clients to dominate the market trends and deliver better services.

Big data services

Big Data Consulting

The service helps derive valuable insights from the massive amount of data available. Including Big data implementation, detailed roadmaps, data quality management, user adoption strategies and more.

Big Data implementation

This consist of big data solution architecture and design services. Big data solution development covers DWH, ETL/ELT setup, data analysis (SQL & NoSQL), reporting & dashboards, and governance procedures.

Big Data Managed

Squarera offers solution infrastructure setup & support, ML model development, data extraction & data management including data cleaning, backup & recovery services. We also handle data performance monitoring.

Why Big Data services are significant for your organisation?

Big Data

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What our client say about us?

Squarera ensured high-quality deliverables. The team often asks follow-up questions to secure a top-notch result. They came up with several ways to effectively utilise Jira and streamline workflows. As soon as they ask and get answers, they ensure deliverables of high quality.

John Matthias CEO Development

Squarera provides the main part of the development as well as quality management together with effective involvement in product management. I’m very satisfied with the service and overall flow of this organisation. The quality work of their developers may depend on the input that we give them.

Fischer Director at

We were looking for IT nearshoring or offshoring and Squarera offered us great support. We found them via Google. Their employees are well educated and perform really well. Their developers got fully integrated within our development team in just a few days.

Stefan Squack IT Head

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    Big Data analytics technologies and software can help organisations make data-driven choices that can enhance the results of their business operations.

    Big Data helps businesses understand their customers’ behaviors and preferences. Big Data analytics help companies make decisions based on real-time information. Big Data analysis helps companies improve customer experience, increase sales, and reduce costs.

    Hadoop is often referred to as a big data technology because it enables organisations to store and analyse massive volumes of unstructured data.