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Business Intelligence (BI) service can help you make better decisions by giving you access to data that matters. Get the power of data in the palm of your hand with Squarera’s Business Intelligence Service. The Implementation transforms data and statistics into knowledge that can be used to improve business processes and business strategy. From requirements definition to design, deployment, and post-implementation support, we provide end-to-end Business Intelligence Services. We select the proper tools, execute the best solutions, & ensure that our clients are able to extract the value from their data.

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Squarera believes in the happiness and contentment of clients. We provide them with better and more effective solutions to their problems. Squarera gives clients Business intelligence reporting to their business by gathering data and analysing them with modern BI tools. Business Intelligence (or BI) helps predict, track, analyse, and present information as it relates to business performance – it provides the tools your company needs to translate data into actionable information.  

Get prepare for advanced BI & Reporting

Sql server
Power BI

Our custom solution creates secure software driven by data via smart devices to assist your business, to adapt in a more connected future.

Few of our BI & Reporting solutions

Supply Chain disruption dashboard

Supply chain analytics

Financial dashboard

Power BI profit loss dashboard

marketing analytics report

Power BI Digital Marketing Analytics

campaign analytics

Power BI compaign analytics

Benefits of Business Intelligence service provided by Squarera

Squarera provides complete service and project management. Following are the services and benefits Squarera provided for years to their clients.
Business professionals analyzing data on a laptop, studying graphs and charts for strategic decision-making.

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What our client say about us?

Squarera has ensured high quality deliveries. The team often asks follow-up questions to ensure a top-notch result. They came up with several ways to effectively use Jira and streamline workflows. Once they ask and get answers, they ensure high quality supplies.

John Matthias CEO Development

Squarera provides the main part of development and quality control along with effective involvement in product management. I am very satisfied with the services and overall operation of this organisation. The quality work of their developers may depend on the input we provide them.

Fischer Director at

We were looking for IT nearshoring or offshoring and Squarera offered us great support. We found them through Google. Their staff are well educated and work really well. Their developers were fully integrated into our development team within days.

Stefan Squack IT Head

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    Business intelligence (BI) enables organisations to make smarter decisions faster by providing them with real-time information about their operations, customers, products, and services.
    BI tools help organisations understand their business processes, improve customer service, increase sales, and reduce costs. As a result, companies now have access to high-quality information at the click of a mouse.
    We provide software products and services for businesses to increase their performance and profitability while delivering innovative solutions that fit their unique needs. Our first product is called business intelligence (BI) software. BI software helps organisations make better decisions based on data analysis.