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DevOps Services – Plan, Build, Deploy Repeat. That’s the cycle we have perfected. At Squarera, we help you to be at the top of your game with modern development methodologies. Help your organisation to build faster, deploy better with ease and operate efficiently like never before.

Squarera's elite DevOps team

With the present shifting trends, it is safe to say a more flexible development approach is needed. Well, Squarera has mastered the art when it comes to DevOps methodology. From well-organised management to effective development and deployment, we have it all down to the Team. Our team of dedicated DevOps engineers are leading many projects through a cycle of continuous integration and delivery. To put it simply, Squarera, with its dedicated DevOps team, is paving the way for more advanced development strategies.

Why Squarera's DevOps service?

Deploy and scale seamlessly

Our optimised configuration  process saves your time when running, scaling, deploying and testing distributed applications, Cloud, AI & machine learning workload.

Our agile development process

Agile Process

Business benefits of the DevOps service

Strategic benefits of DevOps methodology and automation:

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What our client say about us?

Squarera has ensured high quality deliveries. The team often asks follow-up questions to ensure a top-notch result. They came up with several ways to effectively use Jira and streamline workflows. Once they ask and get answers, they ensure high quality supplies.

John Matthias CEO Development

Squarera provides the main part of development and quality control along with effective involvement in product management. I am very satisfied with the services and overall operation of this organization. The quality work of their developers may depend on the input we provide them.

Fischer Director at

We were looking for IT nearshoring or offshoring and Squarera offered us great support. We found them through Google. Their staff are well educated and work really well. Their developers were fully integrated into our development team within days.

Stefan Squack IT Head

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    DevOps, the extension of Agile, is significant today as it allows organisations to develop products at a faster rate with more effective management practices.

    The major components in DevOps would include continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, and continuous monitoring.

    Outsourcing a DevOps team is highly beneficial for it leads to better production, development, and resource usage with much fewer risks.

    Automation allows for improved efficiency, productivity, consistency, resource utilisation, and increased production rates among many other benefits.

    CI/CD is the practice in DevOps philosophy that encourages the cycle of continuous integration and delivery.