Cookies & online tracking:

Online merchants have employed a number of different technologies designed to make the shopping experience more pleasant and efficient, with the goal of boosting sales. For example, many online retailers have the option of remembering your credit card information and collect information to get a pretty good idea of what other products you may like to buy. But this typically means you have to give something up in return, usually some amount of privacy

Sharing information:

As a rule of thumb, reveal only that which is required to complete your order. While social media such as Facebook and Twitter have contributed to a culture of “sharers”, there are certain details about yourself that no online retailer needs to know. Retailers often try to collect additional details, such as annual household income or favourite types of entertainment, but usually just for marketing purposes. Often it is benign, but sometimes the disclosure of nonessential information can lead to spam, telemarketing calls, or worse

Protecting your password:

The most sophisticated online security technology in the world is no match for a compromised password. When you enter a password, you tell the server that you are a certain individual and typically gain access to privileged information. Therefore, choosing a strong password — one with at least 10 characters, that is difficult to guess, and which has a combination of letters, number, and symbols — is imperative to protecting your online privacy. Also, do not use the same password for every site.

About privacy policies:

Most online shoppers immediately click “agree” when asked to check a box indicating that they have read and understood the company’s privacy policy. In fact, most online privacy policies go unread before transactions are finalised. Privacy policies may be heavy on the “legalese,”:

Confidential information:

We value your information and take reasonable precautions to protect it. While we take reasonable steps to preserve the security of your information, please be aware that we can’t promise that your use of the Squarera will be confidential, and we can’t promise that any information you provide to us is perfectly secure. While using the Squarera, you may also become aware of confidential information about us or another member. You promise to not disclose any confidential information made available to you through the Squarera to any other person.

Data collected:

We may collect the following Data, which includes personal Data, from you: (1) Name; (2) Contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers; in each case, in accordance with this privacy policy.

How we collect data:

We collect Data in the following ways: (1) data is given to us by you; and (2) data is collected automatically

Data that is given to us by you:

Squarera will collect your Data in a number of ways, for example: when you contact us through the Website, by telephone, email or through any other means.

Data that is collected automatically:

To the extent that you access the Website, we will collect your Data automatically, for example we automatically collect some information about your visit to the Website. This information helps us to make improvements to Website content and navigation and includes your IP address, the date, times, and frequency with which you access the Website, and the way you use and interact with its content.

Our use of data:

Any or all of the above Data may be required by us from time to time in order to provide you with the best possible service and experience when using our Website. Specifically, Data may be used by us for the following reasons: (a) internal record keeping, in each case, in accordance with this privacy policy. We may use your Data for the above purposes if we deem it necessary to do so for our legitimate interests. If you are not satisfied with this, you have the right to object in certain circumstances (see the section headed “Your rights” below).

Who we share data with:

We may share your Data with the following groups of people for the following reasons: (a) our employees to work with you; in each case, in accordance with this privacy policy.

Keeping data secure:

We will use technical and organisational measures to safeguard your Data, for example (a) we store your Data on secure servers

Data retention:

Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, we will only hold your Data on our systems for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this privacy policy or until you request that the Data be deleted. Even if we delete your Data, it may persist on backup or archival media for legal, tax or regulatory purposes..

Your rights:

You have the following rights in relation to your Data. (a) Right to access (b) Right to correct (c) Right to erase (d) Right to restrict our use of your Data (e) Right to data portability (f) Right to object. It is important that the Data we hold about you is accurate and current. Please keep us informed if your Data changes during the period for which we hold it.

Links to other websites:

This website may, from time to time, provide links to other websites. We have no control over such websites and are not responsible for the content of these websites. This privacy policy does not extend to your use of such websites. You are advised to read the privacy policy or statement of other websites prior to using them.

Change of business ownership & control:

Squarera may, from time to time, expand or reduce our business and this may involve the sale and/or the transfer of control of all or part of Squarera. Data provided by Users will, where it is relevant to any part of our business so transferred, be transferred along with that part and the new owner or newly controlling party will, under the terms of this privacy policy, be permitted to use the Data for the purposes for which it was originally supplied to us. We may also disclose Data to prospective purchases of our business or any part of it. In the above instances, we will take steps with the aim of ensuring your privacy is protected.


You may not transfer any of your rights under this privacy policy to another person. We may transfer our rights under this privacy policy where we reasonably believe your rights will not be affected. If any court or competent authority finds that any provision of this privacy policy (or part of any provision) is invalid, illegal or enforceability of the other provisions of this privacy policy will not be affected. This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted according to the law of England and Wales. All disputes arising under the Agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts

Changes to this privacy policy:

Squarera reserves the right to change this privacy policy as we may deem necessary from time to time or as may be required by law. Any changes will be immediately posted on the Website and you are deemed to have accepted the terms of the privacy policy on your first use of the Website following the alternations. You may contact Squarera by email at