Outsourced software services

Squarera is a professional outsourcing company that provides high-quality custom and nearshore software solutions. From design to development to deployment and everything in between, Squarera’s skilled teams have it all down. Our developers are experienced with building custom software systems that are tailored perfectly according to your requirements. We provide both custom and nearshore software development services.

Custom software development

Specific software for specific needs. Our custom software development service allows us to build software systems that fit your vision. Squarera’s aim is to power businesses to exceed their potential. Customized software is the perfect way to dominate the curve.

What will you gain with Squarera’s Custom Software Development?

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Software that fits the requirements of your organisation perfectly is often customized. The custom quality of the product offers better flexibility, uniqueness, and adaptability.

The cost of a customised software would depend upon the system and its complexity. Though we are more than willing to discuss those requirements and offer a quote.

Custom software offers you uniqueness, flexibility, and the right touch of innovation. A software solution tailored right according to your organisation’s needs can do wonders to improve productivity.

What our client say about us?

Squarera has ensured high quality deliveries. The team often asks follow-up questions to ensure a top-notch result. They came up with several ways to effectively use Jira and streamline workflows. Once they ask and get answers, they ensure high quality supplies.

John MatthiasCEO Development

Squarera provides the main part of development and quality control along with effective involvement in product management. I am very satisfied with the services and overall operation of this organization. The quality work of their developers may depend on the input we provide them.

FischerDirector at

We were looking for IT nearshoring or offshoring and Squarera offered us great support. We found them through Google. Their staff are well educated and work really well. Their developers were fully integrated into our development team within days.

Stefan SquackIT Head

Nearshore Software Development

From design to development to deployment and everything in between, Squarera skilled teams have it all down. Our developers are experienced with building custom software systems that are tailored perfectly according to your requirements. A safe and convenient harbour for professional software development Squarera allows you to hire skilled experts with years of experience in professional software development. Our effective implementations of agile methodologies help us turn your vision into a functional reality. Our dedicated nearshore teams work effectively when it comes to sharing regional customs, development trends, time zones, etc.

Features of Squarera's Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore software development at Squarera offers the perfect solution for organisations, looking for cost-effective solutions without the hassle of complex time zone differences.
Effective working in the regional time zone: Hiring talent from a nearshore development firm, such as Squarera, allows for better communication and higher productivity. 
Geographical location: Squarera,a nearshore development firm, is located closer to clients than an offshore counterpart. It helps to improve collaborative efforts since working hours are almost same. 
Culture and practices: Squarera’s nearshore development services allow for a simple approach to solution development. we are familiar with regional development, we can help envision your solution better.
Web and app development

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Nearshore software development allows you to hire skilled talent from nearshore countries for quality development at much lower costs.

Squarera nearshore software development services have been designed to help companies build their business using offshore software development outsourcing solutions. We offer our clients the opportunity to outsource their software development projects to us and take advantage of our expertise and experience in building high-quality applications.

Onshore: Outsource services within one’s own country. Often is not very cost-efficient.
Offshore: Attaining software development services from offshore companies. Due to major time zone differences, the model isn’t quite efficient. Nearshore: Nearshore software development offers a middle ground. Better productivity, minimum time zone difference, and optimal cost plans.