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At Squarera, we offer to expand the expertise of your in-house teams with our staff augmentation services. With our dedicated pool of expert IT professionals, various organisations have been meeting project objectives with utmost ease. Our staff augmentation services allow you to leave the complexities of a project to our experts. Our experienced professionals are trained to seamlessly integrate into your in-house software development teams. Squarera’s team extension is helping organisations cut down expenses when it comes to resource hiring and training for specific project tasks.

staff augmentation

Our staffing process

HR Interview Process
Job Application

With shifting software development trends, Squarera tends to hire the best talent. Hence the staffing process begins with gathering applications to form a rich perspective.

HR Interview

Here the HR team schedules interview to objectively evaluate candidates. We shortlist talent by posing questions that give us a perspective regarding their soft skills

Online Test

The phase for online assessment is crucial to determine the practical approach of an individual. We offer different aptitude tests to analyze various aspects of candidates’ skills.

Client Evaluation

We take utmost care in providing our clients with the absolute best talent. This phase allows the evaluation of candidates based on the requirements of the project in question.

Technical Interview

The process of technical interviews allows us to assess a candidate’s technical ability. This phase helps to test talent with domain-specific questions.

Digital assets

This stage brings us to the most crucial part of the process. Here the talent deal with real-world problems and brainstorm to resolve project complications.

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QA Engineers
data engineers