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Multi-cloud refers to a company’s use of a variety of cloud services, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. These cloud services are open to the public and frequently come from a wide range of cloud providers. Squarera aims to provide the best cloud services to its customers, which are available to meet almost any IT needs.

Helping industries with smart Cloud & AI solutions

With cloud computing on the rise, many organisations are opting for cloud solutions to reduce overhead costs and adopt more flexible data access and security systems. At Squarera, we are dominating the wave of cloud solutions with the incorporation of artificial intelligence. With our trending AI practices, we boost the flexibility, scalability, and agility of cloud solutions to the utmost extent.

Why Cloud with us?

Deploy and scale seamlessly

Our optimised configuration  process saves your time when running, scaling, deploying and testing distributed applications, Cloud, AI & machine learning workload.

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Artificial Intelligence

Squarera also develops advanced AI applications to specifically cater to your business requirements and maximise your ROI by enhancing business operations while making your business processes more intelligent.
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Our digitalise AI use cases serving throughout the country

Vehicle counting

Detect and count different type of vehicles for traffic analysis & theft reports.

Eye gaze detection

Monitor attention span and stress levels through advanced eye-tracking.

Abandoned luggage

Automatically identify suspicious objects placed in public places.

Social distancing

Effective in reducing fear and anxiety levels in individuals & others.

Facial emotion analysis

Read human emotions & detect current mood of a person.

Parking lot occupancy

Solutions to reduce congestion, emissions, and no space problems.

Digital assets

Provides a systematic approach to organise a company's digital assets.