Save time by using these libararies

Save time by using these libraries as a web developer

If you are a web developer, you probably spend a lot of time working on your projects and there must be things you spend time on that don’t help you get the job done! That’s why here we’ve put together this list of helpful JavaScript and CSS libraries that will help you create better websites in less time. Let’s take a look at them…

Not mentioning big frameworks like React, Angular, etc. We’ve simply got a list of tools to share which are considered useful for speeding up a developer’s workflow. The list contains many diverse resources so we’ve organized them into groups.

JavaScript Time Saving Libraries:


A library for creating beautiful animated effects such as particles, explosions, and lasers. It uses GPU-accelerated canvas rendering to bring your animations to life. It has lots of built-in effects and components that you can combine to add dynamic graphics to your website.


A library for 3D rendering. It can be used to create 3D objects for Virtual Reality and WebVR. Looking to create interactive 3D animations and graphics for your website? Go for Three.js…!


Add a typewriter effect to the headings or text of your site easily by using this library. Add to any string and watch it type at the speed you set.


Creating beautiful full-screen scrolling has never been so easy but Fullpage.js has made it so. This library helps to easily implement full-page scroll features to your site.


Triggers a function when you scroll to an element. It is the easiest way to call a function when you scroll down to a specific element as: 



Instant click:

A library that dramatically speeds up your website loading time, preloading resources and making navigation effectively visible faster in most cases.


A visual diff tool to spot differences between two images. Make changes to focus and other effects.


A responsive, flexible, and lightweight notification plugin used to easily implement JS notifications to your site using no dependencies.


As the name speaks for itself, it is used to create a small pop-up box that appears when a user moves the pointer over an element.

CSS Time Saving Libraries / Design Stuff:

Flat UI Colors:

Deciding the theme and colors for a website is a hard job at the initial stage where a designer or developer has to decide on palettes that should go perfectly well with all elements and text. Hence to help out at this stage, Flat UI Color can be a great choice for picking the best palette for your site. Another one is colored. co.


A cross-browser animation library with ready-to-use cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects.

A great platform with many resources for material design frameworks such as a set of tools that include material color palettes, icons, Unicode, and more.

Ken Burn Effect:

A pretty famous camera-like effect to integrate into your site’s images or background to add interactivity. Learn how to implement using CSS3 animation quickly.

Magic Animations:

The name speaks for itself – like swap, bling, twister elements, and more.


A big collection of CSS spinners. Explore and paste the one you want for your site, the code is available for simple and quick integration.

Little Widget:

A collection of pre-build HTML templates.

Ion Icons:

Open source icons to use in web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps in supported formats of SVG and web font. Other sources are Font Awesome and Feather Icons.

Some Useful Links:

<head> cheatsheet – a list of everything you could do with <head> tag.

What runs – a plugin to discover what technologies are being used to build a website.

As a web developer, you should always look for ways to save time and be more productive. And this could be done by using libraries because the libraries are collections of code that make it easy for you to get the job done quickly such as inputting or outputting data, communicating with a server, or adding animations, effects, etc to your sight. There are countless time saving libraries available on the internet but here at the top, we have mentioned some of the best time saving libraries that surely gonna help web developers throughout their workflow.

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