What Career Opportunities Are Available in the Cloud Industry?

What Career Opportunities Are Available in the Cloud Industry?

Cloud Industry – Are you looking forward to start your first job in Cloud, but not sure where to begin and which career route to consider? There are many different roles available in the cloud industry. Here in this article, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular ones. 

What type of roles are available in the Cloud?

Within a short span, the number of jobs around Cloud Computing has increased tremendously. Cloud Solution Architect, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Operations Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Cloud Network Engineer, Cloud Automation Engineer, Cloud Data Engineer, Cloud Data Scientist, Cloud Product Manager, and Cloud Security Manager. 

Let’s develop your understanding further of what these roles are.

1- Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud Solution Engineer is one of the trending jobs in the cloud market. Cloud Architect is responsible for understanding business needs and translating them into the right architecture that will support the organization’s strategy. Cloud Solution Architect is also responsible for assisting the developers to understand and translate the designs into solutions. They are responsible for designing a company’s cloud infrastructure so that it is scalable and secure Key expectations of Cloud Architect are to have knowledge of understanding of programming languages, security, operating systems, and of course, networking such as DNS, Ip addresses, and TCP/IP, among others.

cloud solution architect

2- Cloud DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are the people who build, test, and maintain the infrastructure and tools to allow for the speedy development and release of applications. They have a huge impact on how fast a company can release new features, as they are responsible for making sure that all of the necessary systems are in place to support this. The below diagram will show what kind of DevOps tool a Cloud DevOps engineer should know. 

devops engineer

3- Cloud operation Engineer

Cloud engineers are responsible for making sure that all of the cloud services run smoothly and efficiently; they also monitor the performance of these services and provide recommendations to improve them. DevOps Engineer is responsible for developing a fully automated pipeline, while Cloud Operation Engineer uses existing public cloud orchestration tools to automate infrastructure. In other words, we can say that Cloud Ops is a Subset of DevOps. Cloud Ops Engineers are more like operations engineers for the Public Cloud, or more accurately Infra engineers for the Public cloud. 

operation engineer

4- Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

SREs look at IT operations from a risk perspective. IT operations cannot be guaranteed to be 100 percent dependable. Enterprises must strike a balance between the costs and hazards associated with the infrastructure reliability they require. SRE is a risk management system that optimizes and controls risk. 

site reliability engineer

5- Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud Network Engineers usually work with computer hardware and software to allow users with access to shared resources. They specialise in migrating functions and networks to private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures

Responsibilities: Some of its responsibilities include- 

  • Designing, planning and implementing client-specific cloud solutions 
  • Ensuring the cloud network is responsive to user demands 
  • Implementing effective security strategies on cloud networks 

network engineer

6- Cloud Automation Engineer

As the world becomes increasingly automated, cloud automation engineers are necessary to build, implement and maintain this automation technology as it migrates to the cloud. This automation frees up human workers from repetitive tasks. Cloud Automation Engineer plays a central role in collecting and processing demands to transform application delivery for the cloud in an agile manner. They provide support and documentation to assist in sustaining projects during the transition to production.  

Responsibilities: Some of its responsibilities include- 

  • Deploying new modules, upgrading as well as making fixes to the production environment 
  • Evaluates the existing applications and provide recommendations to improve performance by directing gap analysis, assisting in the scope of modifications, etc. 
  • Performs maintenance and updates due to variances in requirements or implementations

cloud automation engineer

7- Cloud Data Engineer

This role is responsible for managing, optimizing, overseeing, and monitoring the retrieval, storage, and distribution of data on the cloud. 

The cloud data engineer role: 

  • Works with business users to understand their data requirements 
  • Builds algorithms to enable mining from raw data and subsequent modelling of data sets 

Data engineers create and maintain machine learning and statistical models, as well as support the activities of architecting and managing data infrastructures such as databases, data warehouses, and data lakes

cloud data engineer

8- Cloud Product Manager

Cloud Product Manager manages the existing cloud products and services along with creating and integrating new products. They conduct industry and market research in order to determine product demand, positioning, and availability. 

Responsibilities: Some of its responsibilities include- 

  • Lead the beta deployments 
  • Lead the development of product strategies 
  • Develop specialised training on new products 
  • Understand data network technology environments 

cloud product manager

9- Cloud Security Manager

Cloud Security Manager Data privacy and security compliance objectives in an organisation. They look into the cybersecurity goals of an organisation and maintain them efficiently. Their core resposibilities includer designing and implementing cloud solutions across vendors & Oversee & reviewing the infrastructure and microservices security & network architectur 

  • Identifying the necessary security architecture requirements  

cloud security manager

There is so much more in the whole Cloud Industry but we’ve covered the most popular career paths for you. Hope this article gave you a better understanding of what types of roles are out there in the cloud industry and which can be the best for you.