Staff Augmentation in 2022 Rethink Your Business Strategy

Staff Augmentation:

has evolved to be the most conventional outsourcing approach with the statistics showing a 92.5 Billion US Dollars market. It provides businesses with a balance between control and flexibility over their product development process. In this article, you will be learning all about staff augmentation and why you should incorporate it into your business.

What is Staff Augmentation:

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing business strategy where you can extend your company’s talent pool. After analysing the existing team’s skills, you can augment the staff in your team to fulfill the need. Staff augmentations are lately getting popular in the IT industry.

Types Of Staff Augmentation:

Staff augmentations can be of two types:
Short term
Long term
Both of these have different importance.


It is on a temporary basis and often focuses on a certain area of the business which needs more human resources to tend to. This can be when the business has:

Multiple employees on leave simultaneously 

High sales season



This is more of long-term project-based recruitment of staff when the company wants to:
Launch a new product
Build a presence in a foreign country
Extend skillset 
Save the recruitment time
However, staffing needs vary from company to company. It is up to the company you’re augmenting the resources from what is the minimum or maximum limit of time they’re willing to provide you with the services. Hence, you need to be careful before choosing the service provider you choose to work with.
Squarera model means that our team is the amplification of your company’s skill-set. By incorporating our L&D specialists into your team, you will be making your business flow more efficient and tending to your business needs straightaway.

What Can Staff Augmentation Services Do For Your Company

We at Squarera believe that these are some of the most important characteristics of Staff Augmentation Services. Let’s take a look at what advantages you might be gaining if you invested in these services from us or any other company such as ours.  

Rare & Potent Skills:

A person with competence never stays unemployed for long which is why is more worthwhile as compared to explicit recruitment. Here at Squarera, we guarantee you specialists who understand their field through and through. The roles we provide are not random. We work with people and forward only filtered out profiles. That is the reason why staff augmentation is much safer than investing in a full-time role. 


Cost Efficiency

Staff augmentation can be budget-friendly in more than one way:

1. You will not have to worry about investing in infrastructure to accommodate more employees.
2. Ending a contract is always an option if your company is running out of budget.
3. Does not cost additional expenses of having more employees
4. Eliminated the need for training the employees since you would be hiring specialists

Open-Ended Approach:

Staff augmentation allows you the flexibility of expansion or reduction of your team size. You can do it without having to go through the hassle of a lengthy paperwork process. The staff augmentation service is of a project-based nature which makes it easy to handle in the long run.

You’re Still In Charge:

The main dissimilarity between pure outsourcing and staff augmentation is that the prior leaves you in zero control over the process while the latter sustains your control and lets you be in charge of your team as well as the process. 

Industries Moving Towards:

The augmentation of IT resources has been increasingly adopted by the following industries:

1. IT sector

2. FinTech/Finance

3. Retail

4. E-commerce

5. Healthcare anD fitness

6. Law

7. Education

8. Entertainment

However, it is not limited to the industries mentioned above. Staff augmentations can be implemented almost anywhere there is a need for soft software skills. 

Frequently Asked Question:

What Are Considered Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentations are the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of an organisation.

Who Needs Staff Augmentation:

Staff augmentation is right for you if You need to hire a team of 3-8 tech professionals, but it’s impossible due to the shortage in your local talent market
As the stack of professionals that you intend to hire is rare in your country, you’re looking to extend your search to other locations.
You want to communicate with your team directly on a daily basis and also wish to be well-acquainted with your remote workers to make sure they feel like part of your local team.

Source: DAXX

What Is The Difference Between Staff Augmentation & Outsourcing:

The main difference between project outsourcing and staff augmentation is that you are purchasing engineering resources while maintaining direct control over your team (along with the associated risks of a possible negative outcome), while with outsourcing, you are paying for a specific, prearranged outcome, and sharing the burden of risk with the outsourcing vendor, although giving up direct control over certain aspects of your business operations.

Source: BXGI

How Much Does The Cost:

The hourly rates for the augmented staff range from $18 to $300 depending on location and service requirements.

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